I absolutely loved everything about this place. We stumbled across it looking for something to do in Boise and I am so happy we did. The owners were wonderful, the puzzles were great and the whole experience was amazing. I would definitely go back. :) Jennifer Bemiller
I was a little skeptical that this place would strike a balance between challenging and too cryptic, but it was perfect! We enjoyed the experience from beginning to end!! Cant wait to come back and try the other room!! Michelle Teichert
We had a great time at Escape This Live Boise! We had a lot of fun trying to figure out the clues and get all the locks opened. The clues were challenging but doable and pushed us to try to get it done in time. I highly recommend this great group activity! Eric Christensen
I've done about a dozen room escapes and this one is at the top. Rooms are put together great. Awesome story lines, amazing puzzles. I recommend escape this live any day of the week! Looking forward to the next room Kristi Green
We had a blast! It was so exciting, challenging and super fun! Totally recommend this adventure for families, friends and anyone ready to have a great time!! We can't wait to get back there and try to escape the Wild West room! Thank you Phil! Sandi Rose
My husband and I signed up to solve Queen Anne's Revenge. We were paired with another couple and boy were we glad!! Each of us had areas we excelled in and were able to solve the puzzles. We used all the clues and only had 1 minute left on the clock when we escaped! Not bad since none of us had ever done anything like this before. Our advice to rookies is things will start out slow until you figure out how to identify the clues and advance in the mystery. The clues are very clever and it requires a lot of creativity to solve them. If you get stuck, don't be afraid to ask for a clue. Working together is the key to success. This was so novel and such a blast, my husband and I came back the following weekend with our daughter and her boyfriend to solve the Western Saloon which was just as fun as the first room! If you are into interactive puzzles, then this is a MUST TRY!!
Niki Scharf
We had a blast! Challenging and fun. The owner was super cool too! Can't wait to return with friends and family to the pirate room next time. Keep up the good work Escape This Live. We will definitely return, and in the meantime, we will tell all our friends and family how much fun we had. Kathryn Norman Teichert
Sooo much fun!!! I was apprehensive at first seeing 10 people all in one room for an hour. The hour flew by and we all worked together and with so many clues, puzzles and locks everyone had something to do. No one was left out and it was a great time. We will be going back for the other rooms. And look forward to the future rooms they make. Michelle Shrader
My girlfriend and I have been to 3 other escape room challenges and this one was definitely one of the best one's to go to. The decor in the room is very well done and really gets you in to the theme of the scenario. More importantly, the clues all make sense and aren't super complex. Our group definitely wants to come back and try out the other scenario. Hope they can expand and have even more puzzles to solve in the future! Brian Finnegan
This is the best escape room in the Treasure Valley! It is very clean and decorated to the theme. The host is very energetic and excited to be there. I've been to both rooms and I can't wait for them to open up more. This is great for date nights or get together with friends. It really is a ton of fun. I recommend this business to everyone. Holly Abbott
We are from New York and have done the escape room challenge there. This was so much better! I love the themes, he was amazing with our children. He truly made the entire experience so enjoyable. We were there with our three, five, seven, and nine-year-old. We all had a blast and I would recommend it for a date, for couples, or for families. Katherine Schmalfuss Dlugolonski